About Malawi Telecommunications Limited

MTL is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Malawi.  Headquartered in Blantyre, Malawi, the company was established in 2006 following the privatisation of the company. MTL boasts of vast experience in providing high quality communications services to all business categories and consumers who are conscious about excellence and value for money.  Over the years, MTL has and continues to provide quality products and services to consumers, small and medium sized enterprises, large enterprises and the public sector.

More Than

18 years of experience

Besides value adding propositions to business of telephony and data services, MTL’s contribution to the business industry and the country at large includes enabling the economy through the provisioning of wholesale products and services to telecommunications providers in Malawi.  We remain the backbone for telecommunications in Malawi while we move with the diversity in technology.

Board of Directors

Dr Lyton Chithambo


Dr Lyton Chithambo is the Group Operations Executive of Press Corporation Limited.  Read more

Ms Moureen Mbeye


Ms Moureen Mbeye

Mr Christopher Kapanda


Mr Christopher Kapanda

Ben Botolo


Ben Botolo is the Secretary to the Treasury

Mr Masauko Katsala


Mr Masauko Katsala

Frank Mvalo


Mr Frank Mvalo is a Director and Management Consultant for O&M IT/S Management Service Limited based in Lilongwe. Read more

Masauko Msungama


Mr Masauko Timothy Msungama is a legal professional with extensive and diverse experience in legal matters. Read more

Executive Team

Dr Harry Gombachika

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director for the Malawi Telecommunication Ltd (MTL) since January 6, 2015. Read more

Patrick Magawa

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick was appointed Chief Operations Officer on 13th October 2017.  Read more

Moses Chiutsi

Acting Chief Finance Officer

Moses Chiutsi was appointed as Acting Chief Finance Officer on 1st July 2019. Read more

Gladson Kuyeri

Chief Commercial Officer

Gladson was appointed Chief Commercial Officer on 16th October 2014. Read more

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