SIP Trunk (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

SIP trunk service delivers voice and other unified communication services to a customer over a data link. As technology is now moving steadily towards Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), this product is an extension of that and replaces traditional telephone lines using E1 PRI trunks that were used in the past. The customer equipment used to access this service is an IP-PBX, which is a PABX with capabilities to interconnect using IP trunks and extensions.

SIP trunks are very flexible and help our business customers to reduce costs because they share the same connectivity with the Internet/data network and allow the customers to easily scale in terms of number of phone lines that they need. The SIP trunk can carry unlimited phone lines over the same data link.


  • Very cost effective for businesses
  • Voice and video calling capabilities
  • No restriction on number of phone lines
  • Not prone to vandalism as it can be delivered over different media (wireless or fibre optic)
  • Highly reliable with guaranteed quality of service
  • Modern, future-proof VoIP technology

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