Prepaid Fixed Phone

Prepaid fixed phone service is a fixed ground line service that allows business and residential customers to make and receive phone calls. The service is now offered through Internet Protocol, making it Voice over IP.

Subscribers pay in advance by topping up their account with airtime credit available through a number of means on the market. Subscribers also have the freedom to subscribe to a number of pre-packaged, time-limited bundles that make the service even more affordable and tailored to suit different customer spending habits.


  • High voice clarity and quality
  • Freedom and control over how much is spent on airtime
  • More easier and comfortable to use
  • Reliable
  • Value added services such as call conferencing, call forwarding, call barring, automatic credit loading (ACL), toll-free service
  • Line can be used for other services e.g. Fax and internet (ADSL)

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