Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we get recharge vouchers?

MTL recharge vouchers are available on NBM ATMs, Mo626 , NBS Bank ATMs and in all MTL service Centres.

Failure to recharge and calling out

Please call 191 from any landline or send an email to you will be assisted accordingly.

What happens when my data bundle expires?

Upon expiry, the resources are deleted and cannot be recovered

MTL prepaid short codes and their use

Dial 210:

0 is Balance Enquiry

1 is Abbreviated Dialing service

2 is Outgoing Call pin management

3 is Phone Top up

4 is Language Setting

What number do I call if I have an issue?

You can get in touch with our Call Centre through the following channels

  • Dial 191 from any landline.
  • Send a message through WhatsApp to 01 686 191  
  • Send an email to

For BusinessNET and BusinessCONNECT please call our Network Operations Centre on 01 873 993

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