How to make a call on MTL prepaid phones?
If using a prepaid mobile phone (CDMA) or a postpaid fixed phone Dial the number direct e.g. 01821***,088*******,0212******,099*******

If using a prepaid fixed phone Dial 211 then the number e.g. 21101821***,211088****** etc

If you want to make a call using the MTL pre-paid calling card without loading the phone units into the phone Call 212 then the number.

How to make an international call from MTL phone lines?
It depends on the phone service one is using

  • For a prepaid mobile phone dial 00 + country code number + destination number
  • For the prepaid fixed/ground phone dial 211+00+country code number + destination number
How to load Phone units?
Dial 210 then follow the prompts
How to recharge my MTL Phone?
Dial 210 then follow the prompts
How To set up your FreeNet?
  • Connect your MTL land line to your Laptop or PC – desktop
  • Click start on your laptop / PC – desktop then select Control Panel
  • Click Network Connections
  • Click create a new connection then click next
  • Select connect to the Internet and click next
  • Select connect using a dail-up modem then click next
  • ISP name, type MTLonline
  • Phone number, type 444 for a postpaid line or 211444 for a prepaid line
  • Internet account information: type freenet as a user name and freenet for password then click next
  • Choose whether you want a shortcut to MTLonline on your desktop by selecting add shortcut to this connection on my desktop then click finish.
How To configure my HomeNet Connection(ADSL)?
  • Connect modem via splitter with phone line
  • Connect modem with PC/Laptop through LAN access port
  • Enter Internet Explorer with:
  • Enter user name: admin and password: admin
  • In the modem mask go to “Configurator”
  • Select “Basic”
  • Select WAN setting
  • Select in Mode & Choice: Routing
  • Select Service Name and enter: MTL
  • Enter username:xxxx and enter password:yyyy


  • username xxxx and password yyyy will be provided by MTL to the customer(during the process of service provisioning)
How To set up your EC – 500 Air Card (MOBIDEM)?
1st stage

  • Insert the EC500 software CD into your Laptop or Desktop computer and let it run automatically
  • Click on next and follow all the prompts and close.
2nd stage

  • Insert the EC500 AIRCARD then go to settings
  • Click network connection settings
  • Click New and type any profile name e.g. MTL EC500
  • Click save and OK
  • Then start browsing
Where can one buy MTL phone units?
You can buy MTL phone units from all MTL shops near you, MTL registered dealers and distributors and MACHAWI – which is an electronic distributor service available 900 points across the country including leading retailers and street vendors.
Where can I buy internet Vouchers?
Internet vouchers can only be bought from all MTL shops and MTL registered dealers and distributors.
What is SMS?
Short Message Service (SMS) is the text communication service component of phone, web or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices. SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application in the world
What is an IP address?
An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a unique identifying number that every device connecting to a network on Internet is assigned.
What is ADSL?
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a service that MTL offers using existing copper telephone lines to bring to the customer high speed Internet access than the traditional dial-up modems
What is an EVDO?
Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data only (EV-DOEV, etc.) is MTL’s 3G telecommunications standard for wireless data transmission that MTL customers use for broadband Internet access.
How to set up an EVDO dongle?
Insert the dogle onto the USB port of your computer and let it install the software automatically and then follow the prompts (plug and Play).
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