Automatic Credit Loading (ACL)

Automatic Credit Loading (ACL) is a service whereby MTL prepaid phone customers who are also National bank of Malawi (NBM) customers can have their telephone line credited remotely with a prescribed amount of airtime at a given date of the month.

Any other MTL prepaid phone customers who are not NBM customers also benefit from the service. They can go to any NBM branch and pay at the counter. Their MTL prepaid phone will then be automatically loaded with airtime within 24 hours of payment.

It is a convenient way of topping up phones and airtime is loaded in the intended phone line and not anywhere else.

How does it work?

* Customer fills a standing order form which instructs the bank to debit his/her NBM account with a specified amount and on a specified day of the month.
* The specified amount is then deducted from the customer’s bank account on the specified day of the month
* Once deducted, customer details are sent to MTL to automatically load the customer’s telephone line with the specified amount of airtime.

This service is for free.

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