“Better, Easier, Cheaper” Consumer Solution Campaign Launched

Malawi Telecommunications Limited-MTL on 11th May 2016 launched a new Consumer Solutions campaign designed to provide customers with an improved MTL experience in terms of offers, products and services. Labelled “Better, Easier, Cheaper” (BEC), the campaign will serve as the successor to the outgoing “Ndi Dhilu” marketing campaign.

Speaking at the official launch at Mount Soche Hotel, MTL’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Gladson Kuyeri expounded on what the “Better, Easier and Cheaper” concept means for customers and what MTL is aiming to achieve.

“By stating that we are better, easier and cheaper, we are not only communicating that our products and services are worth your while and you must get connected to MTL, but more importantly, we are publicly showcasing our commitment to our quest for continuous improvement. At MTL we are accepting the challenge to meet the expectations of our customers and all Malawians regarding their internet and voice needs. At the same time we are extending our plea that they continue to provide us with feedback and suggestions on how we can serve them even better,” he said.

Adding to the comments by the CCO, MTL’s Brands Manager for Consumer Solutions Olive Kawelama explained that customers would see a lot of new offers and exciting things in the upcoming month.

“We are focusing on our offers, products and services and are trying to ensure that each will either be better, easier or cheaper in terms of what competition has out there and in terms of making sure that customers receive value for money and have value-added offers, products and services,” she said.

As part of the campaign MTL’s Brand Ambassadors, colourfully adorned in blue T-shirts and yellow wig, will be deployed to promote the brand in places of business and this will be supported by a media campaign that will incorporate print, electronic, and social media.