BusinessCONNECT is a data service that allows online, real-time data transfer between two or more offices. It is ideal for an organization that has shared resources in a geographically sparse network and would like all branches to enjoy real time access to these resources. It is a dedicated private connection between two or more remote offices. It is an end to end service that also defines the last mile transmission and bandwidth connection into MTL network. Last mile Transmission can be through copper (leased line or Digital Subscriber Line), fibre or wireless connections. The bandwidth offered is symmetrical full duplex.

BusinessCONNECT service has a dedicated connection and is always on. It is offered as follows:


Bandwidth (Kbps)
BusinessCONNECT 64 64Kbps
BusinessCONNECT 128 128Kbps
BusinessCONNECT 256 256Kbps
BusinessCONNECT 512 512Kbps
BusinessCONNECT 1024 1024Kbps
BusinessCONNECT 2048 2048Kbps

Customized BusinessCONNECT solutions of more than 2048 Kbps can be provided upon request.

What do you need to have in order to be connected using BusinessCONNECT?

  • An organization has to have at least two Local Area Networks (LAN) that need to be connected over a wider geographic area, for example between Blantyre and Lilongwe.


CarrierLINK is a transport service that allows voice and data from carriers’ (ISPs and Telecommunication companies) to be transmitted through the MTL fibre optic backbone. It defines a wires only point to point connection between two end points across the backbone.

MTL’s fibre optic ring between the southern and central regions has a capacity of 10 GB and that between the central and northern regions has capacity of 2.5 GB. Capacity is expandable depending on demand.

Transport service for data is offered as Ethernet Private Line (EPL). CarrierLINK is offered to internet service providers and telecommunication as follows:


Capacity Application
CarrierLINK 2 2 Mbps Voice/Data
CarrierLINK 4 4 Mbps Data
CarrierLINK 6 6 Mbps
CarrierLINK 8 8 Mbps Data
CarrierLINK 10 10 Mbps
CarrierLINK 25 25 Mbps Data
CarrierLINK 34 34 Mbps Voice/Data
CarrierLINK 50 50 Mbps Data
CarrierLINK 100 100 Mbps Data
CarrierLINK 155 155 Mbps Voice/Data
CarrierLINK 200 200 Mbps Data
CarrierLINK 1G 1000 Mbps Data

Prices are dependent of volume and distance.


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