PCL unveils plans for HIV risk management

The conglomerate Press Corporation Limited (PCL) has unveiled plans to create and inculcate a holistic approach towards risk management by adopting evidence based tools for enterprise risk management.

This comes as the Group on Thursday held commemoration activities for the World AIDS Day under the theme ‘Hands up for HIV prevention’ at COmesa Hall in the commercial capital, Blantyre.

Press Cane Limited General Manager, Christopher Guta, said the Group’s subsidiaries will be expected to assess and realign their business and economic approaches to health matters.

“The Group sees this move as one of the pillars within the enterprise risk management framework in which we want to reenergise our internal business process to respond to HIV and AIDS,” he said.

While observing that it was heartening that the PCL clinic is well connected to latest developments in managing secondary prevention approach, Guta expressed worry that the PCL clinic situated in Chichiri Trade Fair grounds attends to 344 clients who are on treatment of whom only five percent are from the group.

Guta said that the group realised the diverse effect the pandemic has on business operations, and it is also advocating for subsidiary companies to become people-centred as a basis of growth in economic terms of its companies.

“It is when the PCL group grows financially and economically that its people and Malawi grow economically. It is also when people in the group use their skills and knowledge to develop and implement business strategies leading to the growth of the market share that PCL will achieve its mission,” Guta said.

He added that PCL might review the financial viability of going back to producing pharmaceuticals and obtain a licence needed to manufacture Zidovudine, the retroviral drug commonly known as AZT used in preventing perinatal transmission of HIV from mothers to their children.

Globally, an estimated 76 million people have been infected with the virus and an estimated 34 million people have died of AIDS.