This service allows customers who have both an MTL MiNET Internet service and Mobile phone to use one account number for both services. This means that customers can choose to have one service number which will automatically become their MiNET account Number and their mobile phone number. This means that they only need to recharge once and they are able to use the balance for Internet, make calls and send SMS’s.


  • Easy to manage services
  • Direct recharge option through phone
  • Can purchase data bundles to use on data device through phone
  • Can enjoy Hybrid bundle benefits


First activation Bonus

It pays to be an MTL customer from the first time you use our service! With our first activation bonus both our Internet and voice customers are awarded an additional 500 kwacha when they first recharge.

MiNet and New Service

Subscribers will pay only for the volume of data used regardless of how long they are connected to the Internet. Customers can enjoy the service using will be a standard rate of K 15/MB and/or can choose from a list of UNBEATABLE Dhilu bundle offers.

Available data DHILU bundles are:

NOTE: customers with One Account Service can use their mobile phone to subscribe to the Data bundles by following instructions above. Those who do not have the mobile phone service must use the portal. See how to recharge my MiNET account.

Voice Dhilu Bundles

Subscribers are able to purchase packages that provide more value than standard calling rates but for a limited time. There is wide combination of bundles ranging from:

  • Ones that are specific for MTL to MTL
  • MTL to other local networks
  • Those that give free minutes regardless of which network you are calling locally.

The packages available are:

SMS Dhilu Bundles

Are you on a tight budget? These bundles are perfect for customers who require communicating for less. They allow subscribers to purchase bundle SMS’s at a very low fee. Customers can either purchase MTL-MTL bundles or MTL to other networks SMS bundles.

The packages available are:

Bundle Name


Bundle Value



USSDLike instruction





2 hours Anytime


real SMS dhilu



MTL +Other

12 hours


Hybrid bundles (voice + data + SMS)

Subscribers can make calls, send SMS or use Internet for the entire month or per day as the Bundles give On-net and Off-net minutes, with an addition of SMS and MBs all combined in one bundle.

Bundles Terms and Conditions

  • The unbundled rate applies when a subscriber does not purchase a bundle or when a bundle has been used up.
  • Limited time offer i.e 1 day= 24 hours from time of purchase, 1 month- 30 days including day of purchase.
  • Subscribers must have both Voice and Data services from MTL for Hybrid bundle (See One Account)

Usage Rewards (Voice and Data)

These will apply for data, voice and SMS subscribers. Data customers will get free bites, voice customers will get free minutes while SMS users will get free SMS’s.

Data rewards: get 10 FREE minutes to be used on ANY network for every MK 750.00 used.

Voice rewards: Get 100 FREE MB for every MK 2,500 used weekly on data.

SMS rewards: Get 50 FREE SMS’s for every MK 50 spent on SMS’s.

Rewards Terms and Conditions

  • Default tariff apply bundles do not apply for reward
  • To qualify, the voice and data usage must have occurred between Monday 00:00am to Sunday 11:59 pm
  • The rewards are awarded every Monday for voice and data
  • SMS rewards to be given instantly as soon as the customer reaches the qualifying amount
  • Subscribers must send the 3 SMS's before 11:59pm every day to qualify and free SMS's only valid to 00:00 am of that same day earned
  • Customers cannot transfer a reward to another user

Family and Friends

Customers can register up to 10 family and friends for discounted calls. Customers are guaranteed cheaper rates when calling friends to get connected so they may benefit from the service. Registration and deregistration is free,


  1. Can register up to 10 numbers
  2. 30% discount peak
  3. 50% discount off peak

How to add:

To add or remove numbers on your family and friends list you may do the following;

  • To add dial *3001*1*Number to be added#
  • To remove dial *300*2*number to be deleted#
  • To enquire subscribed numbers dial *300#
  • Or visit click on self-care portal register an account (see MTL self-care portal for more details)

Terms and Conditions

  • First 10 Additions are free but any modification is charged MK 100 per new addition but removal of subscriber without adding a new one is free
  • F&F is only for MTL Mobile service
  • Discount is only applicable when subscribing customer is making calls to the numbers they have subscribed.


The MTL pre-paid self-service portal allows for a highly personalised, interactive service on the Web for our customers. Customers will be able to manage their data account password, recharge, and purchase bundles (for both Internet and voice), manage their family and friends list (for voice). It also allows recharge of MTL accounts by anyone with Internet access by simply logging onto and selecting self-care then clicking on pre-paid self-service and going straight to recharge on main page.


  • Provide customers access to recharge their accounts or another MTL users account
  • Subscribe for the different products and services
  • Customers can update their own profiles, view their account histories, check their account status and much more.

How it works

  • Customers can log in to MTL website page for free through MTL Internet
  • Must click on self-care option on the home page
  • Must choose pre-paid self-care
  • Customers may choose to recharge only or log in to purchase different products and services
  • To log on to the portal one must have an MTL data account or voice account number and so they can register.