Bingu National Stadium Installation handed over to Ministry of Sports

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) on Wednesday 25th January, 2017 handed over an installation project for Voice and Data services at Bingu National Stadium to the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development.

MTL Chief Commercial officer Gladson Kuyeri, who made the symbolic presentation to the Minister explained that the facility has 200 telephone lines, 32 ports, and a 3-kilometre optical fibre link.

“With this equipment people can watch live matches anywhere in the country without necessarily coming to the stadium just like was the case when South Africa hosted the World Cup,” he said.

The Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development, Henry Mussa, urged Malawians to be patriotic and to take care of the facility which has been installed using funds from government and expertise from MTL.

"My wish is that this facility should be well looked after and I would like to appeal to those manning the stadium to engage with the technical staff from MTL to agree on how best to look after the facility," he said

Also known as a multi-service access gateway (MSAG) the facility has network links to Mozambique and Tanzania and is expected to have uninterrupted network supply and good Internet speed. The installation is part of a project aimed at allowing patrons of the stadium access to quality voice and data service from a wide range of service providers while they are in the stadium vicinity.