No-one could blame Moses Limuwa for celebrating his victory in the MTL BusinessPLUS Golf on Saturday, 30th April, 2011 at the Lilongwe Golf Club (LGC). Beating a field of 108 male golfers from all golf clubs in Malawi was not a joke for him.

“This is a major win for me and I have a good reasn to rejoice. It is not often that you play against the cream of Malawi golfers and emerge a victor. I will cherish this achievement all my life and I thank MTL for this opportunity to display my potential in the game,” said Limuwa.

He has 72 net points just as Neil Nyirongo, but Limuwa triumped on count back. Paul Chidale, the former champion for the Blantyre tournament came third.

In the ladies category Minor Mkandawire emerged champion over Regina Mwanza with 38points. Mwanza had 34 points.

Moses Limuwa got away with a Gazebo-Zimbani folding garden chair set, MobiDEM Dongle and EV-DO voucher. “I have to commend MTL, especially now that we have witnessed a lot of companies pulling out golf sponsorship. It is rewarding to see that MTL has not followed suit”, said Limuwa.

MTL Head of Marketing, Wanangwa Thindwa said he was happy with the overwhelming response from golfers which was evident in the turn up of 120 golfers.“It shows the corporate world has confidence in MTL. These are busy people and for them to travel from all the corners of Malawi to patronise our golf is a vote of confidence,” said Thindwa.He further added that it is through such tournaments that MTL is able to interact with its customers and get feedback on its products and services.