MTL partners UNICEF

MTL has signed a memorandum of agreement with UNICEF to sponsor dedicated internet and telephone services by MTL to the UNICEF-funded “Innovation Hub”. The ceremony took place on 15th March 2016 at Lamya House boardroom.

Speaking at the event, MTL’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Harry Gombachika, explained that the partnership was significant in that it would allow the participation of MTL in empowering young Malawians to innovate solutions for the country’s development.

“The hub is a place where we find solutions to the country’s problems, it is offering solutions and so are we. Our Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on health, education and environment. We hope that the solutions from the hub will tackle these areas,” he said.

The hub which was officially launched in October 2015 is meant to be a physical or virtual space that will enable and support innovation (technological or otherwise) of those who participate. In her address UNICEF’s Chief Operations Officer Pamela Oganga noted that innovation is largely prohibited by social, economic and cultural factors and the hub would help overcome these challenges.

“The Innovations Hub will change the lives of children and the people of Malawi. There is an appetite for innovation in all communities and it is not only restricted to those in urban communities or from wealthy backgrounds. The hub will allow even those in rural areas to have the opportunity to contribute. UNICEF believes that doing good is good business, that is why we have partnered with MTL, and we also believe in technology for development,” she said.

Another party to the agreement, the University of Malawi’s Polytechnic, was represented by the institution’s Vice Principal Dr Nancy Chitera who commended MTL’s support as the first partner that came in to help when the hub was launched last year.

“This signing will help us reach our target of relevance. The internet and ICT infrastructure support from MTL is vital in communicating with partners and in doing research. The innovation hub was created to give people who are ‘brain-smart’ but without an education the opportunity to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. Our mission is to nurture innovation and we want improved quality of innovations. Hopefully with such support we will manage to achieve that,” she said.

MTL will be partnering with the Innovation Hub as a means of encouraging innovation in the country. As part of this partnership MTL has pledged to supply the hub with dedicated internet and telephone subscription as well as their respective material, installation, service, and maintenance cost payments. The support will be given to provide young scientists with an environment and the materials that encourage technological innovation in the country.