MTL donates to the Association for the Magistrates in Malawi

MTL donates to the Association for the Magistrates in Malawi

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) in the final quarter of 2015 donated K1, 000,000 to the newly formed Association for the Magistrates in Malawi in support of the launch and first Annual General Meeting of the body. The official cheque presentation ceremony was held at MTL headquarters, Maselema, on 25th November 2015.

In his address MTL Chief Technical Officer, Herbert Maosa explained that MTL is a service provider to service providers thus when there is service interruption [due to theft and sabotage] it becomes much more than a company issue or an image issue but it becomes a national problem.

“We cherish the relationship with Magistrates and hope it will continue. Over the past few years we have seen that sentences have been passed that acknowledge that theft and sabotage is more than a crime against MTL but it is a crime against the nation,” he said.

The Association has been formed to promote the rights of magistrates and champion the fair administration of justice in the magistrates’ court. In his acceptance speech the Interim Spokesperson for the group, His Worship Kondani Chinangwa, observed that MTL is both stakeholder and partner to the association.

“We approached several companies for financial support and MTL has emerged the best donor from the corporate world. We say thank you and we do not take this for granted. It is important that MTL and Magistrates have this partnership. We [as magistrates] might not understand the impact that theft and sabotage has on the company and if you do not take a step to inform us that our sentences are not deterrent enough we will continue to offer sentences that will seem like an encouragement,” he said.

The launch and first Annual General Meeting of the association was later held on 28th November 2015 in Zomba where MTL was represented by the Corporate Affairs Manager, Tina Das, Head of Marketing Chimwemwe Khonje and the Company Lawyer, Okota Mzanda. The team made a presentation at the event which highlighted statistics of the number of incidences of theft and sabotage MTL suffers per month, revenue lost, and the effects of the malpractice to the company and nation as a whole. Part of the presentation also included an excerpt on MTL’s products and services and was delivered by Chimwemwe Khonje.

The event brought together magistrates from across the country and enabled MTL to interact with them as well as establish necessary networking structures which are vital in strengthening MTL’s fight against theft and sabotage of cables and infrastructure.