MTL, BWB and ESCOM in joint community outreach

Three major utility providers in Malawi namely Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL), Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM), and Blantyre Water Board(BWB) recently held  a joint public outreach campaign across the country aimed at sensitizing the general public on theft and sabotage, safety and customer service issues.

This year’s joint campaign was coordinated and held regionally with each campaign launched  in each region. Speaking at the launch event which took place in the Southern Region at Lunzu Catholic Primary school grounds, the Southern Region Police Commissioner Demister Chigwenembe called on the general public to have ownership over the property of the three utilities.

“There are some people who do not want the work of the three utilities to go smoothly and so they do things like tapping oil from transformers and stealing telephone cables or water pipes. If you see anyone doing these things please report them to the Community Policing branch of the police. Let us not be the problem but the solution, let us help them so that we have a good Malawi,” he said.

The campaign focused mostly on educating the general public that damaging or stealing the property of the three utilities was a crime that had serious legal repercussions for the offender. The Guest of Honor at the event, Chairperson of the Blantyre District Council Tawanda Tambula, reinforced the message when he announced a new initiative aimed at protecting the property of the three utilities.

“As Blantyre District Council we are working with the Police Commissioner and the Malawi Police Service so that there is a by-law that prevents the property of ESCOM, BWB and MTL from being found on the scrap market,” he said.

This year’s campaign marked the second collaboration between the three utilities since they started holding joint campaigns in 2015.