Call waiting

Call waiting is a feature that lets you know when someone else is trying to call you when you are already on a call. When a second person calls, you will hear two short beeps to warn you. You can answer, reject or ignore this second call.

Call barring

This allows a customer to completely bar a specified category of outgoing calls (local, national and international).

Controlled code barring

This allows customers to bar a category of outgoing calls (local, national and international) using a pin code

Three-way calling

Talk with up to 3 people simultaneously with 3 way calling facility. Save time and get things done faster and more affordably.

Malicious calls

Allows tracing of malicious unknown calls to where it is originating from.

Hot line

Calls most frequent dialed numbers quickly using Hot line feature. Just by picking up the phone and waiting for a few seconds the other party is called.
Do not disturb
Call forwarding (Call Diversion)


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