Toll free service is one of the services offered by Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) on its Intelligent Network (IN) platform. A toll free telephone number allows callers to reach a business or an individual without being charged for the call. The charge for using a toll free number is paid by the called party (the toll free subscriber) instead of the calling party. The toll free number can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line.

MTL toll free service has proven successful for businesses, more especially in the areas of customer service and telemarketing. A tollfree telephone number provides current and potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact businesses. It improves the notoriety of a company and reinforces it brand and image.

MTL toll free service comes with range of other features that customers can choose from. These are:

One number

MTL will allocate only one number to a client who can direct the incoming calls on this number to other destination numbers specified by the client. The good thing with this arrangement is that the client’s customers will only have one number to remember and call.

Call forwarding on busy or no reply

More than one numbers can be set within the client’s premises with one of them at the destination corresponding to the MTL Toll Free number and the rest as forwarding numbers.

This feature entails that when an incoming call is made to the destination which is busy or does not answer, the call will be forwarded to a free one of the two, thus the customer will be answered in time.

Currently, the maximum forwarding numbers a client can register with MTL is two (2).

Call screen and barring

This feature allows the client to open the Toll Free service to its customers from a certain region or area while restricting those from other areas. Clients with customers in specific areas may find this feature very attractive and effective.

Clients using this facility can register at most ten (10) restrictive number

Routing by department and voice prompt

All incoming calls to the Toll Free number can be directed to the department that the caller would like to talk to. Combined with the voice prompt facility, callers will be prompted to select the department by pressing 1 or 2 etc.

Time and day dependent routing

Setting different destinations for incoming calls with respect to different times of the day or week with minute as the minimum unit. Clients wishing to use this feature can register at most four different time sections and four corresponding destination numbers.

This is an ideal feature of the Toll Free Service for those clients whose incoming calls are attended to at different departments or points during the different times of the day or week.

Pin access

This entails that clients require the caller (their customer) to enter a four (4) digit password to enable him complete the call. This service provides an opportunity for the client to control callers to his Toll Free number.

Origin dependent routing

The incoming calls made to the client can be routed with respect to the location of the caller. For example, calls from Lilongwe can be routed and answered in the Central Region Customer Service Center instead of routing them to Blantyre.

This is a wonderful service for clients who have decentralized their operations to effectively reach their customers.

Automatic call distribution

The client can distribute the incoming calls to him to different destination numbers according to the specified proportion. Take an example of a client with two (2) after sales service centers A and B with personnel working within these two centers being deployed in the ratio 75: 25, this Toll Free special feature can leverage the workload for these people by automatically directing all clients’ calls to these two centers in the ratio 75: 25 respectively.

Simultaneous calls limit

When simultaneous calls to the client are more than what the client can hold i.e. no free destination available at the time the call is made, a recorded voice can be sent to the caller notifying him that he can not be connected at that time.

This is a very good facility for a client who does not want to disappoint his customers.

Call limit

The client can set a maximum number of calls to be received within a specified time period say one (1) month. When the limit is reached, the follow up calls will not be connected to and a recorded voice notifying client’s customers will be sent to them.

This facility enables the client to control the traffic.

Monthly billing limit

The client can request that their monthly bill for the Toll Free phone calls being received be limited to a certain amount. This helps to control costs

What do you need to have access to Tollfree?

* an MTL postpaid/prepaid phone

How much does it cost?

* Annual subscription fee of US$60.
* Plus phone line installation fee of MK1, 410 (if it is new phone installation).
* Plus monthly phone bills.

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