Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) started the year 2018 by holding customer engagement activities across the country aimed at conveying the company’s new strategic direction, specifically the focus on enterprise business and a shift from infrastructure to customer value propositions.

Making a presentation at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre, the Chief Executive Officer Dr Harry Gombachika explained that  the purpose of the customer engagement activities were mainly to interact with its customers and embark on the 2018 journey together  but to also share with the customers the strategic direction of the company going forward.

”MTL will mainly focus on the enterprise business which is one area it is strong in.  There are a lot of products we have for you that you might not know exist and that is one reason why we are having these customer engagements so that you are made aware that you can upgrade to new technology if you are still using old technology and you can make the fullest use of some features that are available,” he said.

Dr Gombachika added that the company still has a bright future and that there are endless possibilities for its customers to discover.

Speaking at a similar  event in Mzuzu, MTL’s Chief Commercial Officer Gladson Kuyeri further explained that the engagements also provided an opportunity for the organisation to interactively get feedback from its customers regarding its services.

“We recognize that in implementing our new strategic plan there might be times when we get things wrong and we would like to encourage you our customers to talk to us and show us where we can do better,” he said.

Overall MTL has changed focus from merely providing customers with services and infrastructure and is aiming at improving the customer experience and customer satisfaction. Among the changes implemented in this regard is the allocation of a dedicated Customer Relationship Executive to each customer.

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