Consistent with its new business direction focus of enterprise consumers, MTL management team attended a two day training workshop which took place at the National Bank Training School.

The training was aimed at equipping the management team with the necessary skills of adapting to the change post a functional review process which was finalized in the final quarter of 2017.

Speaking when he opened the training session, MTL’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Harry Gombachika said he was optimistic that the training, which was aimed both at the old and new management team, will form a basis for good managerial leadership.

“Let us all have an open mind to learn and be knowledgeable about leadership skills which will benefit us as individuals and the company at large,” said Dr Gombachika while adding that the training would be conducted in phases.

Among other topics the training included understanding how the company’s Vision, Mission and Core Vales help drive results of the company,  how to use culture as a competitive advantage for sustainable business and how to build a leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and guides the entire team  towards greater performance and profit.

The training was attended by the management team of MTL from all regions.

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